Barrel Roller 2017 Edition


Barrel aged beers are, quite simply, amazing. There’s no arguing that putting a good beer in a good barrel and letting it sit produces some fantastic results. And what better way to celebrate this amazing feat of beer-evolution than putting 35 of the best on tap simultaneously!

As in years past, this event will be split into two days. However, things are going to work a little differently this time around.

Day One: Taster Glasses and Drink Tickets only. Your buy-in will get you a 5oz Taster Glass and 5 Drink Tickets (additional pours are $4). Each ticket is good for a 4oz pour of any event beer of your choosing. Glasses and drink tickets purchased during Chuck The Puck Up! will be accepted. We WILL NOT accept taster glasses from previous years.

Day Two: Event tap list will decrease to 20 barrel aged beers. Taster Glasses and Drink Tickets will still be accepted. Pints, $17 flights, and growler fills will be permitted.

There are a lot of barrel aged beers out there, but we don’t just take any ol’ beer. We sift out the wheat from the chaff and bring you only the best. With that in mind, we’re still working on our tap list for this event, so check back soon for an update. Trust us, it’s going to be worth the wait.

Barrel Roller: All day, May 12th & 13th
Day One: Taster Glasses and Drink Tickets only. No pints, half pints, or growler fills.
Day Two: Pints, half pints, flights, and growler fills permitted. Diminished numbers.


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